Monday, June 26

Today we’ve strayed away from market events, other than to observe that none of our positions are in jeopardy and that FTRPR has yet to fall into line with our projections for PV (it is still trading at a premium).

We’re focusing today on transferring our reporting to a new unified accounting system that will serve as both daily report, and accounting system. This is nearing completion, we’re just backfilling historical cash flow information into the structure.

During this process we’ve encountered a frustrating issue with Yahoo! Finance. While Y!F is never meant to be a primary source, it is a nice light source for historical close information when it’s API is used with excel. However, while we were backfilling data we noticed that several of our past assets, most noticeably CLM and CRF have several consecutive weeks of close data missing. This obviously creates a problem for us, but it should not take more than a few days to fully correct. Our Matlab data connection also seems to exhibit the missing data for these assets, though it is not reflected in the web version of the site.

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